To Plaid or Not To Plaid

Posted by Annie D, Marketing on Sep 17th 2016

Cinnamon Tablecloth

So I ordered these fabulous fall linens for the website, thinking, "Great colors! These will look terrific with the dishes we have!" And they came in and they were fabulous. Or so I thought until my co-workers said, "UGH! Plaid!"

What? Who doesn't like plaid? (Young boys in grade school don't like plaid on their clothes; this I know from personal experience.) Plaid is so great because you can get all the colors of the season in one piece of fabric. It mixes great with solids and florals. It adds color and style. Who doesn't like plaid?

My co-workers, that's who! I'm from New England; lots of Irish and Scottish and British influence in my background, and those folks LOVE their plaids. They even NAME their plaids. But this cohort of co-workers (all from the South), find plaid too busy, too colorful, too...what? None of them is quite sure, but they know they don't like it.

I'm very curious to know if this is a regional/cultural thing or just a matter of personal taste. Hmmmm...

Well if you are a plaid lover, buy some placemats for fall! They're fabulous!

Indian Corn Placemats