Is to provide quality home decor and garden products to help you make your home and garden feeling fresh, warm and inviting for each season.

Our Story

Tasteful Home Decor first started out in 2008 as aHa! Modern Living started by a young lady named Jamie. 

In 2014 aHa! Modern Living was sold to Cindy Martin and it became Tasteful Home Decor, an extension to The Tasteful Garden LLC.

After battling cancer for 12+ years Cindy sadly passed in 2020 and Tasteful Home Decor was sold to current owner (me) Ariana. I worked for Cindy for 10 years and came to love the business and learned so many great things from her. Her love for home decor and gardening rubbed off on me and I am happy that she trusted me with continuing to pursue Tasteful Home Decor!

I hope to provide you with quality items to make your home & garden feel wonderful and inviting! 

Thank you for taking the time to read our shortened story and for looking around my website. I am still working out the kinks on the website, so if you see anything concerning to you please feel free to contact me.

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God Bless!